Sellers International Brass Band

The Sellers International Brass Band was known as the Rolls-Royce of Britainís most acclaimed and most renowned brass bands. It was founded in January of 1986 and at one point the band was led by Philip McCain. Its original name was Huddersfield Tecol Band and in November of 1987, just one year after its formation, the band's name was changed to Sellers College Brass. It was again changed to The Sellers Engineering Band and finally, the members settled on Sellers International Band, a name which lasted and was passed on to the junior band, the Sellers International Youth Band, in 1998.

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Unfortunately, in 2007, the band dismembered, largely due to the loss of sponsorship. Sponsorship was lost because of a failed attempt to win the Yorkshire Area Brass Band Contest and as a result, mismanagement claims were made and internal conflict and chaos ensued. Though the senior band did dismember in 2007, the junior band, still known as the Sellers International Youth Band, continues on even today as a prestigious brass band. They carry on the name of the Sellers International Brass Band proudly, though the senior band could not overcome its misfortune. One of the band's members, however, named David Root, did release a solo CD. David Root played the Tenor Horn with the Sellers International Brass Band and his album featured his band as a tribute to his time spent with them. The Sellers International Band is still remembered today as one of Britain's greatest brass bands.

Sellers International Youth Band

The Sellers International Youth band began in May of the year 1998. The group was formed because of a grant that was offered to the Sellers International Band for the purchasing of instruments for the young people. Many of the young people who joined the Sellers International Youth Band had no experience when it came to playing brass instruments. Their very first concert was held at Dewsbury Town Hall in December of their founding year. After leader and instructor David Essex and his replacement Richard Wilton had moved on, Mark Bousie led the program, beginning in May of 2002.

In 2007, the Sellers International Youth Band won fourth place in the Action Research United Kingdom Youth Entertainment Championships. The Youth Band also earned the first place prize in the Pontins British Open Championship and the Tameside Youth Festival. In 2008, the band won several awards and in 2009 they became the National Champions of the National Youth Championship Advanced Section in Manchester. Currently, the Sellers International Youth Band is being led by Alex Kerwin. The band is still doing well and the members are continuing to learn and to enjoy their music while carrying on the legend and the name of the Sellers International Brass Band.

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